Underrated Films From Hollywood’s Golden Age

Over the years, the film industry has gone through many, many changes. Studios have fallen apart, and new ones have taken their place. Generations of actors have come and gone. Genres have gone back and forth in popularity. The ways in which people watch movies have drastically changed. Most notably, what movies have been allowed … Read more

Police are investigating a vulture’s death at the Dallas Zoo as ‘suspicious’ | CNN

CNN — Police are investigating the death of an endangered vulture at the Dallas Zoo as “suspicious,” authorities said. Staff found the bird dead in its enclosure Saturday – about a week after the same zoo made headlines for a clouded leopard that escaped after fencing around its enclosure was cut in what police called … Read more

India blocks documentary probing Modi’s role in 2002 Gujarat riots

Issued on: 22/01/2023 – 08:27 India has blocked the airing of a BBC documentary which questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership during the 2002 Gujarat riots, saying that even sharing of any clips via social media is barred. Directions to block the clips from being shared have been issued using emergency powers available to the … Read more

A New York shelter wants you to adopt this ‘jerk’ dog | CNN

CNN — This dog is a “fire-breathing demon” – but the Niagara SPCA wants you to adopt him anyway. The Niagara SPCA, a nonprofit animal shelter in New York’s Niagara Countyhas attracted attention on social media for its eye-catching ad for Ralphie, a rescue dog looking for a new home. Most adoption ads focus on … Read more

These Were the Best Years on Record for Horror Movies

Despite the science fiction and superhero blockbusters that dominate today’s landscape, horror remains a long-lasting and fan-favorite genre of film. And whether it features momentarily frightening jump scares or drawn-out scenes of suspense, at least two of the biggest horror movies Hollywood has to offer — critically or commercially — released in the same year. … Read more

China rings in Lunar New Year with post-lockdown family reunions

Issued on: 22/01/2023 – 07:54Modified: 22/01/2023 – 07:57 People across China rang in the Lunar New Year on Sunday with large family gatherings and crowds visiting temples after the government lifted its strict “zero-COVID” policy, marking the biggest festive celebration since the pandemic began three years ago. The Lunar New Year is the most important … Read more

20 Best Vampire Movies of All Time, Ranked

Over the decades, each new generation has taken new perspectives into their portrayal of the undead creatures of the night that often lurk in the shadows. Vampires have been depicted with many different faces adopting a range of backstories and representations. Vampires have appeared in every genre from thought-provoking romance, to shockingly violent horror, and … Read more

Algorand’s [ALGO] long bets can work only if these conditions are met

Disclaimer: The information presented does not constitute financial, investment, trading, or other types of advice and is solely the writer’s opinion ALGO could experience a 25% potential gain in the next few weeks. The altcoin posted impressive development activity since the start of the year. Algorand’s [ALGO] recent rally is yet to reclaim the pre-FTX … Read more

Actors Who Have Been in Both Star Wars and Star Trek

Star Trek and Star Wars are both beloved sci-fi classics with some of the most passionate fanbases on the planet, dare we say, the galaxy? While plenty of fans declare themselves both proud Trekkies and loyal Jedis, the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate is as hotly contested as DC vs. Marvel. It’s not rare … Read more

The Very Best Cinematography in Black and White Horror Movies

The efficacy of a horror movie can be found in its capacity to frighten the audience. Different types of horror emanate different types of fright, from the highly efficient jump scare to the more sophisticated shock experience. The ability to create an atmosphere of terror, an atmosphere that facilitates the state of fear in the … Read more

Opinion: Mr. President, it’s time to go digital | CNN

Editor’s Note: Beth Sanner is a former deputy director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration, a position where she oversaw the elements that coordinate and lead collection, analysis, and program oversight throughout the Intelligence Community. In this role she also served as the president’s intelligence briefer. She is a professor-of-practice at the Applied Research Lab … Read more

Sundance 2023: Theater Camp, Kim’s Video | Festivals & Awards

“Theater Camp” is smartly conceived, so much so that right when it starts to wear down its premise of “theater kids, haha,” it gifts us the magnificently bad “Joan, Still,” with songs written by Gordon, Lieberman, Platt, Galvin, and Mark Solennick. Like “Theater Camp,” it will likely haunt auditions, car rides, dorm rooms, and, yes, theater camps … Read more

Sundance 2023: Justice | Festivals & Awards

Like those previous projects, this engrossing documentary is all about listening to survivors of abuse share their experiences in detail (which were corroborated by Herdy and her team) and letting their courage speak for itself. We saw this happen in real-time with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford back in 2018, when she spoke in front of millions … Read more

Women’s world No. 1 Iga Swiatek eliminated from Australian Open | CNN

CNN — Women’s world No. 1 Iga Swiatek is out of the Australian Open, after losing in the fourth round on Sunday. Elena Rybakina defeated the 21-year-old Polish tennis player in straight sets 6-4, 6-4 at Rod Laver Arena. Światek had been favored heading into this year’s tournament after reaching the semifinals last year and … Read more

MakerDAO: New proposal seeks the promotion of USDP and the increment of…

Paxos, in a new proposal, is asking MakerDAO to promote the use of its USDP stablecoin and increase the USDP Debt Ceiling. MKR has seen increased accumulation in the past few weeks. In a new proposalStablecoin issuer Paxos proposed the payment of monthly marketing fees to the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, MakerDAO, to promote … Read more

10 Underrated Nicolas Cage Movies Nobody Talks About

Nicholas Cage is known for his versatility as an actor, having starred in a wide range of films throughout his career. In fact, you might even say he’s become somewhat infamous for taking on pretty much any and every role that gets put in front of him. However, some underrated movies often get overlooked. From … Read more

6 arrested after Atlanta protests over controversial ‘Cop City’ and fatal police shooting of activist | CNN

CNN — Six people were arrested Saturday evening in downtown Atlanta, authorities said, during protests that came in response to a proposed police training facility and the fatal police shooting of an activist earlier in the week. The protesters marched in a “peaceful manner” Saturday evening down a central Atlanta street but a group within … Read more

This prominent pastor says Christian nationalism is ‘a form of heresy’ | CNN

CNN — Left vs. right. Woke vs. the unwoke. Red State Jesus vs. Blue State Jesus. There are some leaders who see faith and politics strictly as an either/or competition: You win by turning out your side and crushing the opposition. But the Rev. William J. Barber IIwho has been called “the closest person we … Read more

Spider-Man: No Way Home Storyboards Show Another Unused Villain

Tom Holland was set to confront yet another enemy in the latest Spider-Man film. Sony Pictures Releasing It’s been more than a year since the release of Spider-Man: No Way Homethe third installment in the Tom Holland commanded saga within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, as there’s … Read more